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Raised To Be Better

Farmed salmon that's raised to be better for people and planet

Global Salmon Initiative (GSI) is a collaborative leadership effort established by global farmed salmon CEOs who are committed to driving continuous improvements in the global salmon farming sector that support healthier, more sustainable food systems now, and for the future.

Our Purpose

The Path to Sustainable Salmon Farming

GSI catalyzes global advancements in responsible salmon farming at speed and scale through collaboration, innovation, and transparency. Our aim is to provide climate-resilient food with the highest nutritional value and the lowest environmental footprint for generations to come.

Our Progress

Within GSI, we use collaboration to motivate ambitious sustainability goals and provide a credible framework that delivers measurable progress to ensure farmed salmon continues to play an important role in healthy and sustainable food systems.

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Farmed Salmon’s Role in Sustainable Food Systems

Responsibly farmed salmon is one of the most nutrient-rich foods contributing protein, healthy omega-3 fatty acids and essential vitamins and minerals to global human diets, while minimizing environmental impact. 

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Sustainability Report

All GSI members have committed to transparently report company-wide data against key environmental and social criteria as part of the annual GSI Sustainability Report.

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Case Studies

Our case studies provide specific information about the impact of our work as highlighted by external partners.

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Our Priorities

Through global collaboration, GSI aims to make significant improvements across the industry in terms of social responsibility, environmental impact, and social contributions at speed and at scale. Here you can find out what we are working on in each of our dedicated task forces.

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Our People

Meet the people making on-the-ground improvements in sustainable aquaculture.

Learn more about what being a salmon farmer entails, and dive into the different roles and expertise that help accelerate industry-wide improvements in sustainability performance.

Meet Our People

Your questions answered

Want to know more about farmed salmon?

Do you have questions about farmed salmon or salmon farming? Interested to know more on the nutritional or environmental profile, or what sustainability improvements really entail? Then let us address some of the most common questions we receive, providing clear answers based on the latest science so you can feel confident in choosing farmed salmon.

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  • Are farmed salmon dyed pink?

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Latest News

Here you’ll find articles from GSI, as well as guest authors, on the latest trends, insights and experiences in the aquaculture industry. From innovations in fish welfare, to hearing from GSI members on what they are working on, please check back here regularly to stay informed.