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Through collaboration, transparency, and innovation we strive to catalyze and implement measurable improvements in the sustainability of our member company operations. Follow our progress here.

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Sustainability Report

For GSI, transparency is essential to achieve our ambitious sustainability goals, and to demonstrate measurable, tangible progress. Which is why we launched the GSI Sustainability Report in 2014 to publicly share sustainability data for each member company thats independently audited. The report helps determine where to focus our efforts, and we can initiate knowledge-sharing dialogues to drive further progress.

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Executive Summary

Case Studies

Are you keen to know more about the impacts of our work, and the changes we're driving across the global salmon farming sector? Well, look no further. Here we share a number of case studies diving into some of the ways GSI is helping drive industry-wide improvements in sustainability.

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Blogs & News

Welcome to our blogs & news page. Here you'll find feature articles from GSI, as well as guest authors, on the latest trends, insights, and experiences in the aquaculture industry. From innovations in biosecurity, to overcoming challenges to feed the world, please check here regularly to stay informed.

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