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Responsible Plastics

At least 14 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year and can have devastating impacts on marine ecosystems. We have to act now to promote responsible plastic use and protect the oceans.


While there are many benefits of plastic - it can help make our hospitals safer, our food last longer and our packages more efficient to transport, what's clear is that plastic has no place in nature.

Yet, every day plastic is flowing into our natural environment at an unprecedented rate, and much of that is reaching our oceans impacting marine ecosystems.

While it is estimated that 80% of plastic debris found in the ocean originates from land-based sources, we recognize our role and responsibility to reduce our contribution and ensure we are using plastics only where necessary and doing so responsibly.

Our commitment to responsible plastic use

As GSI, we have a six-tier approach to responsible plastic use:

Responsible Plastics

GSI member action on responsible plastics

Here are some ways GSI members are finding solutions to help overcome the plastic problem.


In partnership with GSI and Responsible Plastic Management (RPM) Cermaq undertook a year long project to map the types and volumes of plastics across its operations to better understand where interventions could made. Sharing these insights with the GSI network to see where the global footprint for plastics could be improved.

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Nova Sea AS

Exploring the possibility of establishing an offshore plastic terminal that will receive, recycle, and process up to 3,000 tons of plastic per year.

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In partnership with Bioelement, 100% of Australis's fresh salmon fillets are produced with 100% biodegradable materials, free of plastics.

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