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What Is The Global Salmon Initiative?

The GSI is a leadership initiative established by leading salmon farming CEOs from around the world.


Sustainable Salmon Farming Plays An Important Role In Feeding The World

"GSI was a game-changer when it launched, but we never anticipated the level of impact it would have, not only on salmon farming, but the food sector as a whole."


#7yearsofGSI! In 2013, GSI members were starting their new relationship with enthusiasm & dedication to the cause.…

14 Aug - @GSI_salmon

In a new GSI resource ‘Sustainable Salmon Farming: The Future of Food’ we take a look into the role farmed salmon p…

13 Aug - @GSI_salmon

RT @Seafood4America: Developing #offshoreaquaculture in the U.S. can benefit landlocked Kansas – and the rest of the U.S. economy, too. Jes…

13 Aug - @GSI_salmon