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Our path to 100% - Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification

All GSI members are committed to achieving 100% ASC certification of their farms. At the time of the GSI launch, no salmon farm in the world was ASC-certified.


GSI’s work on fish health and welfare

GSI member farms are in the oceans; we share the same waters and therefore the same risks when it comes to biosecurity and fish welfare. By working together and sharing expertise, we believe we can have a greater impact on ensuring optimal fish health.


Collaboration for sustainable progress in salmon farming

The GSI is a collective of companies from the global farmed salmon industry that are united by the mission to drive improvements in environmental and social performance of the industry - and improve consumer access to responsibly farmed salmon.


The GSI’s commitment to sustainable fish feed

Feed ingredients play an important role in the efficiency of salmon farming. It provides the salmon with all the protein and essential nutrients required for optimal health and growth.


The Business Case for Pre-Competitive Collaboration

The number of companies throughout various industries making commitments to sustainability has risen exponentially over the last few years. However, many companies are struggling to meet their commitments, often reinventing the wheel or pursuing parallel, but often unequal, strategies. There is a growing realization that individual supply chain actors lack the power to fix large-scale environmental degradation such as deforestation, depletion of wild fish stocks, and plastic pollution on their own, yet these problems pose real risks to entire industries and also to individual company reputations, as well as long-term profitability.


.@BlueFoodFutures reports that improvements in salmon #aquaculture led to "considerable sustainability benefits."… https://t.co/snrVmgmTi5

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Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating today in the US. We are thankful for our hard-working members and all they do… https://t.co/kaiRtrHVcj

25 Nov - @GSI_salmon

RT @NZ_KingSalmon: At #GCA2020, the Shanghai Declaration was born & as @GSI_salmon members, we pledged support. This effort will help #aqua

24 Nov - @GSI_salmon