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The Global Salmon Initiative (GSI) is a leadership initiative established by leading farmed salmon CEOs from around the world who share a vision of providing a healthy and sustainable source of protein to feed a growing population, while minimizing their environmental footprint, and continuing to improve their social and economic contribution.

Representing approximately 40% of the global farmed salmon sector, we recognize our ability – and our responsibility – to drive positive change at scale, and we are committed to seeking and supporting advancements in aquaculture that drive healthy, sustainable food systems.

“By agreeing to work pre-competitively to mitigate environmental impacts, the GSI will help push the entire industry toward sustainability at a much quicker rate than would otherwise be possible.”

Jason Clay, Senior Vice President of Market Transformation, World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

What are we working on?

Our mandate is to drive real and measurable improvements in the sustainability profile of the farmed salmon industry. To achieve this, we have kept our work plans focused and where we believe we can drive the greatest impact.

How did it begin?

In 2012, a small group of CEOs from salmon farming companies across Norway, Chile and Scotland, attended a talk about improving environmental reputation. Inspired by stories from other sectors, these CEOs decided to continue the discussions and look at ways they could break down barriers to environmental improvement in the salmon aquaculture sector by working together.

They quickly realized that when one company has a poor environmental performance, it harms the reputation of all. It became clear that instead of using environmental performance as a means of competition, they would secure greater advantages and economic success by working together to lift the sustainability performance of the sector as a whole. This is what we call working pre-competitively when it comes to sustainability matters.

The GSI was launched in August 2013. Now with 14 member companies, with operations covering 7 countries – Australia, Canada, Chile, Faroe Islands, New Zealand, Norway, and the United Kingdom – the group represents approximately 40% of the global farmed salmon sector.

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Pathways to the future

Basing the work on our four key pathways to the future: responsibility, transparency, collaboration, and innovation we believe we can be the change drivers in ensuring salmon farming continues to be part of the solution in future food systems. Salmon aquaculture offers great potential in providing a healthy and sustainable protein, but like any industry, as we face new challenges daily, we must focus on continuous improvements to ensure a long-term sustainable future, and working together on sustainability issues will mean we are better positioned to do just that.

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The GSI Handbook

Take a deeper look into the role farmed salmon can play in future food systems and the work we are doing to ensure our industry is adapting and improving at the speed and scale the world needs.

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