The Global Salmon Initiative (GSI) initiative began following a meeting of a small number of CEOs of salmon farming companies from Norway, Chile and Scotland.  The meeting, hosted by Novartis Animal Health, focused on sustainability.  Inspired by the significant progress other industries were making in terms of sustainability the participating CEOs decided to meet again and see if they could work together to encourage industry improvements. As the idea grew, other industry CEOs were invited to join the discussions and it was agreed to form the GSI.

In April 2012, 15 global farmed salmon companies joined together in a commitment to substantial change and signed a Memorandum of Understanding to confirm their commitment.

The GSI recognizes that the global potential of the farmed salmon industry will only be met with significant improvements in sustainability. Immediate challenges were seen to include matters related to biosecurity, sustainability of feed stocks, and the environmental impacts of the industry. As a group it was agreed that this is an area where cooperation and shared ambition could be a game changer for the whole industry. Initial work has already begun to ensure greater transparency and to address industry challenges.

The GSI recognizes that success will only come with cooperation and increased transparency, and is  committed to working with existing initiatives, and in seeking the advice and support of stakeholders as partners in this enterprise.