The Global Salmon Initiative (GSI) is a leadership initiative by global farmed salmon producers, focused on making significant progress towards fully realizing a shared goal of providing a highly sustainable source of healthy protein to feed a growing population, while minimizing our environmental footprint, and continuing to improve our social contribution.

The GSI is committed to making significant improvements in terms of industry sustainability and our actions reflect the objectives and principles which define our mission.


Sustainability, transparency and cooperation.


  1. Bring together global farmed salmon producers and other industry stakeholders to strive towards significantly improving the sustainability of salmon farming
  2. Cooperation to continue to outperform other sources of animal protein in terms of contribution to human health, environmental responsibility, and efficient feed conversion rate, and to be widely recognized for this accomplishment
  3. Achieve the highest standards of corporate citizenship in the regions where members operate.
  4. Translate environmental and social sustainability into greater economic sustainability through enhanced social license and market acceptance.