World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Release New Case Study on the Value of GSI

The Business Case for Pre-Competitive Collaboration: The Global Salmon Initiative (GSI)

LONDON, UK – January 2020: World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has publicly recognized the positive impact that the Global Salmon Initiative’s (GSI) model of pre-competitive collaboration has made in transforming the salmon farming industry towards a more sustainable future, by publishing a case study article on their website.

In the article, the GSI are highlighted as a ‘business case example’ of how collaborating with competitors can offer a diversified strategy and a faster path to innovation and progress in addressing environmental, sustainability and reputational challenges, whilst also stating that lessons learnt from the GSI can be applied to other industries to accelerate progress towards sustainability across industries and the planet.

A few key successes and initiatives that are highlighted:

  • The uniqueness of the Sustainability Report in allowing members to demonstrate a commitment to transparency and continuous improvement in managing common resources in an environmentally responsible way, enabling the mitigation of reputational risk, as well as helping to secure the future of their businesses
  • The bold pledge to certify all farms with the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification by 2020, signaling the level of commitment to improving environmental stewardship and advancing the sustainability agenda
  • The value that sharing experiences and insights between the members has had on accelerating progress towards the identification and implementation of scalable solutions to sea lice and disease management
  • The demonstrable impact the GSI have made on feed efficient, both in terms of feed conversion ratio, as well as the amount of fishmeal and fish oil required

Read the full article on the WWF website.

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